Research Proposal

Sub-Group Demographics


Demographic data, trends, and insight on tech savvy youths, tech savvy adults with high income, high income foreigners, traditionalists, and women over 40 in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Early Findings


  • A lot of millennials in Saudi Arabia are tech-savvy. Around 80% of these individuals are on YouTube once a day.
  • Over 50% of tech savvy millennials in Saudi Arabia consume "more video online than they do on television and the majority watch on their smartphones."
  • Entertainment and sports are the most popular categories among tech savvy millennials in Saudi Arabia with educational content being the third most popular.
  • Tech savvy millennials in Saudi Arabia are "ambitious and conscientious of their health and well-being." After family, career and education are most important to them.
  • These millennials are also socially aware, technologically skilled, and have creative potential. They are supposedly the "largest, most literate, and most technologically connected cohort of youths" Saudi Arabia's history.
  • Among tech savvy youths in Saudi Arabia, the most discussed brands are Saudia, iPhone, Apple, Alrajhi Bank, Egypt Air, Al Baik, Visa, and Samsung.


  • There are around 166,843 millennials in Bahrain out of the country's population of 1.4 million. Of the millennials in the country, 81,717 are female.
  • Tech savvy millennials in Bahrain are similar to those in Saudi Arabia. They are some of the most entrepreneurial and creative youths.
  • Young entrepreneurs in this country work about 12.5 hours daily, on average.
  • They also have the highest brand loyalty as they consider only one brand when buying products.
  • Millennials in the region "are generally less interested in traditional forms of democracy, showing no interest in political parties."


  • Tech savvy millennials in Kuwait account for over 15% of the country's total population. More than half of these tech savvy millennials are men.
  • Up to 34% of tech savvy millennials in Kuwait shop online.
  • Around 73% of tech savvy youths in Kuwait are optimistic "about their future in their country."
  • They are also ambitious. Up to 30% of Kuwait millennials are willing to sacrifice personal life for career.
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