Commercial Smoker/Smokehouse


To find a list of commercial smokers/smokehouses manufacturers and the user feedback.

Early Findings


  • Pro-Smoker has a wide range of commercial smokers, ranging between hand-load, truck-load, and multi-truck customized smokehouses.
  • Hand-load: "Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® H-Series (Hand Load) Smokehouse is designed with the novice in mind, this easy-to-use smoker will produce the finest smokehouse flavored foods the first time and every time. Perfect for caterers, small restaurants and meat markets. Enjoy old world pit-house flavor at the touch of a switch."
  • Truck-load: "Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® Truck Smokers offer unparalleled durability and design. The high-velocity T-Series (Truck) Smokehouses are built with thick heavy-gauge stainless steel throughout and fully welded seams. The Pro Smoker ‘N Roaster® E-Series offers the same mechanical design and similar benefits as the T-Series at a more economical price."
  • Multi-truck customized: "high-velocity truck smokers are built with thick, heavy-gauge stainless steel throughout, for 100% non-transfer of heat or cold. Seams are fully welded as opposed to pop rivets, bolts or caulk, for unparalleled durability and design."

Vorton Smokehouses

  • Vorton has three models of smokehouses: Model 1700, Model 2500, and Model 3800.
  • Each Vorton's model is made of stainless steel (USDA and Canadian accepted construction), has fully insulated components (cabinet, walls, door, ceiling and floor), offers positive sealing dampers and airflow system, and produces Steam without the need of a Steam Generator.

J&R Manufacturing

  • J&R Manufacturing has three models of smokehouses: The Oyler Pit, The Little Red Smokehouse, and Smokemaster Convection Oven.
  • The Oyler Pit "maintains precise temperature control, unattended for up to 14 hours, by using a unique air control system."
  • In The Little Red Smokehouse, "fire starting is easy with the built in stack fan providing draft and the combustion air fan providing oxygen. However, live coals last over 72 hours in the refractory lined firebox so most customers start a fire from scratch only once. After that, they just scoop out some ashes daily and add fresh wood."
  • In the Smokemaster Convection Oven, "safe, clean electrical energy reduces wood consumption."

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