Research Outline

Successful B2C Online Services Launch Campaigns


To identify successful B2C online services launch campaigns that cost around $500 per month for the purposes of obtaining best practices for an upcoming launch.

Early Findings

Preliminary research shows there are very few B2C online services that have a subscription price of around $500 per month. Most subscriptions that are that expensive are enterprise or business subscriptions as illustrated below.


  • Study Gateway is a Bible study services to individuals and churches.
  • Although the individual subscription is only $7.99 per month, churches with congregations of 1,001 and higher pay a minimum monthly price of $529.99.
  • The reason this service has been successful is because of its "free trial" call-to-action button.
  • By joining Study Gateway, individuals and churches get a free 7-day trial that gives them "unlimited access to 2,500 video bible lessons on any device."
  • According to, "the free trial from Study Gateway is a brilliant move."


  • Inspirato is a company that offers members the ability to "stay at the company’s portfolio of properties across the globe."
  • For $2,500 per month, members can "can pick from over 60,000 available trips or properties without worrying about nightly rates, taxes, or fees." This pass gives the subscriber and their significant other "unlimited free nights at more than 60,000 residences and hotels."
  • With the pass, subscribers can also book their vacations up to a year in advance.
  • For an additional $500 per month, subscribers can receive unlimited sharing privileges.
  • This is more than the $1,150 monthly cost for an individual traveler for the ability to book a luxury home for a vacation up to six months in advance. However, members still must pay additional nightly fees with this option.
  • Part of what makes this subscription service successful is that members receive dedicated pre-booking assistance and the ability to cancel a trip "up to 72 hours in advance without penalty."