Holiday Donation Drives


To obtain general statistics and case studies on successful holiday donation campaigns in order to understand what encourages people to give and how to stand out from the crowd.

Early Findings

General Holiday Donation Statistics

  • Around $48 million is donated to nonprofits during the last three months of the year.
  • Over 50% of charities receive the majority of their donations between October to December with 18%-31% of donations occurring in December and 12% occurring the last three days of the year.
  • About 22% of online giving is done the last two days of the year.
  • Donations given by first time donors in December are 52% larger than those given by first time donors any other time of the year.


  • GivingTuesday is a global movement started in 2012 to inspire people to donate money and time to their charity of choice beginning on the first Tuesday of December. In 2019, total giving during GivingTuesday events was estimated at $1.97 billion. Over 13 million American adults donated during GivingTuesday events.
  • Paypal has partnered with the GivingTuesday organization to allow donations to be made through the payment platform. In 2019, $106 million was given to GivingTuesday charities through Paypal.
  • The initiative is also highly publicized through NBC and MSNBC channels in addition to social media, with over 20 billion social media impressions using the hashtag in 2019.
  • The organization provides a complete toolkit and a newsletter with tips and ideas to nonprofit organizations interested in participating. Nonprofits who register with the organization will be featured on the website, making it easy for donors to find charities they are interested in.
  • Donations are not collected directly by the GivingTuesday organization nor do they charge any fees to register. All donations are made directly to the charity through their own giving platforms.

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