Wellness Influencers


To understand the size and scope of the social influencers in wellness space.

Early Findings

  • Wellness influencers can cover several sub-categories. Diet, fitness, health and mental health are some of the specializations. Defining 'wellness' can be enigmatic and needs a broad approach.
  • Ten health and wellness influencers are Michelle Lewin, Joe Wicks, Kayla Itsines, Massy Arias, Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, Adriene Mishler, Deepak Chopra, Simeon Panda, Emily Skye and Caleb Marshall.
  • Tools for finding influencers by topic, like Klear and BuzzSumo, required paid access. However, some free tools did give us limited results.
  • Some other major wellness influencers include Angela Liddon, Rebecca Louise, Joanne Encarnacion, Dianne Bondy, Jessamyn Stanley, The Yen Sisters, Haley Hunt Davis, Sonja Overhiser, Liza Della Croce and Chelsea Williams.
  • The Greatist offers a list of 100 health and wellness influencers to sift through.
  • There are several platforms were influencers can list themselves for promotions. For example, Influence.co has 668 wellness influencers self-reporting from around the world.
  • Expanding the category to "health and wellness" returns 3,222 influencers worldwide.
  • PeopleMap also has Instagram wellness influencers in its database.
  • SocialBakers has a "fitness and wellness" category and a "health care" category instead of the more traditional 'health and wellness'.

Proposed next steps:

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Initial research revealed that finding wellness influencers in North America was relatively straightforward. Therefore, we propose 1) Find and detail the top 5 wellness social media influencers in North America. We will provide their name, link to social media, size of following and brief description.
We also can look at wellness influencers in other regions. As no geography was specified, we assume this meant global regions. Therefore, we propose research to further flesh out this project. This would find the top 5 wellness influencers in each 1) LATAM, 2) Middle East and Africa, 3) Europe, 4) APAC. We will provide their name, link to social media, size of following and brief description.