Wellness Influencers


To understand the size and scope of the social influencers in wellness space.

Early Findings

  • Wellness influencers can cover several sub-categories. Diet, fitness, health and mental health are some of the specializations. Defining 'wellness' can be enigmatic and needs a broad approach.
  • Ten health and wellness influencers are Michelle Lewin, Joe Wicks, Kayla Itsines, Massy Arias, Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson, Adriene Mishler, Deepak Chopra, Simeon Panda, Emily Skye and Caleb Marshall.
  • Tools for finding influencers by topic, like Klear and BuzzSumo, required paid access. However, some free tools did give us limited results.
  • Some other major wellness influencers include Angela Liddon, Rebecca Louise, Joanne Encarnacion, Dianne Bondy, Jessamyn Stanley, The Yen Sisters, Haley Hunt Davis, Sonja Overhiser, Liza Della Croce and Chelsea Williams.
  • The Greatist offers a list of 100 health and wellness influencers to sift through.
  • There are several platforms were influencers can list themselves for promotions. For example, Influence.co has 668 wellness influencers self-reporting from around the world.
  • Expanding the category to "health and wellness" returns 3,222 influencers worldwide.
  • PeopleMap also has Instagram wellness influencers in its database.
  • SocialBakers has a "fitness and wellness" category and a "health care" category instead of the more traditional 'health and wellness'.

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