Chemical Industry Benchmarks


Identify the median, top quartile, and bottom quartile benchmarks for supply chains in the Chemical Industry including Order to Ship (days) , Order to Delivery (days) , Perfect Order - OTIF. (%) , Days of Raw Material (days) , Days of Work-in-Progress (days) , Days of Finished Goods (days) , Value of Total Industry (% of sales) , Direct Material Cost (% of Sales) , Supplier Receipts – On Time (%) , Supplier Receipts – Passing Quality (%) , Plant Utilization (%) , Demand Forecast Error (%) , NPD Time – Concept to Shipments (Months) , New Product Introduction Forecast Error (%) , Transportation Costs (% of Sales) , Warehouse and DC Costs (% of Sales), and Inventory Obsolescence (% of Inventory Value) .

Early Findings

  • Metrics have been organized in the attached spreadsheet.


  • In our initial search, we began by scouring sites like Gartner to find benchmarks or other research that could help us triangulate benchmarks for the desired Chemical Industry metrics. Through this search, we found that any data providing actual benchmarks either related to sub-industries such as IT in chemical development or were paywalled. We were able to find this source from Supply Chain Insights that may provide helpful information, however, none of the metrics provided in this report were granulated enough for us to use to build the spreadsheet as well as potentially being outdated. We also found reports that seem to have exactly the metrics requested from 2020, however, membership is required to view actual data with APQC. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any publicly available metrics regarding the requested median, top, and bottom quartile benchmarks in the Chemical Industry.

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