Sustainable and Eco-friendly Cutlery Business Competitors


The goal is to provide a competitive landscape for the following companies that focuses specifically on their content and marketing perspectives: Aardvark, World Centric, Eco-Products, Loliwear and WinCup.

Early Findings

Aardvark Straws

Marketing Tactics

  • Aardvark includes on their official website an "Advocates" page that allows both organizations and individuals to sign up to help increase awareness of plastic pollution. The page includes marketing materials and resources to help restaurants make the switch to paper straws.
  • The company primarily focuses on the superiority of their straws over all others. Aardvark establishes their straws as gluten free, 100% made in the US, durable, and FDA approved.

Marketing Metrics

Influencer Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Proposed next steps:

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