Swedish Technology Investments


Identify government-funded technology initiatives in Sweden, including specifics on the monetary value of the investment, the reasons for the investment, and any challenges to the effort.

Early Findings

Blockchain Technology

  • Various agencies of the Swedish government have recently invested in blockchain technology.
  • Vattenfall, a government-funded energy company in Sweden, has invested in a peer-to-peer energy trading platform built on blockchain technology.
  • Similarly, Sweden's national mapping and land registration agency Lantmäteriet has recently invested in a blockchain platform for real estate sales and transactions.
  • The Swedish Central Bank, Riksbank, is also exploring the possibility of creating a national digital currency for Sweden, known as the e-krona. This is in response to Sweden's move toward becoming a cashless society, with digital payments growing rapidly. The bank has yet to decide whether or not to issue the e-krona.

High-Speed Internet

  • The Swedish government recently published a new Broadband Strategy which set the goal to have the entire country connected to high-speed, broadband internet by 2025.
  • Specifically, Sweden has set the goal that 98% of households should be connected through broadband internet in their homes by 2025, as well as 100% of businesses. The strategy also includes the goal that everyone in Sweden should have access to reliable and high-quality mobile service wherever they are in the country by 2023.
  • Sweden is also committed to the roll-out of 5G and is at the forefront of the technology's development.

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