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Online Concerts


To provide press, recent articles, and other news/mediums about brands that are holding best-in-class digital events. In other words, how are brands moving previously planned live events online in light of COVID-19 specifically and insight on how they have made this transition successful. Additionally, to provide press, recent articles, and other news/mediums about guidelines/best practices for holding a best-in-class digital event (this can be related to COVID-19 specifically, but doesn't have to be). "Event" for the purposes of this research can be concerts or any othe type of event that would normally have been held in-person.

Early Findings

Digital Event Examples

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference

  • This article discusses how Apple is moving their annual developers conference online.
  • Apple published a press release that contains additional details on what Apple intends to do. The conference is scheduled for June.

Billboard's Upcoming Events List

  • Billboard has published a list of upcoming livestream/virtual concerts with additional links about each event.

John Legend, Chris Martin, Pink, John Mayer, Bono and Others Play Online Concerts

  • This article talks about how a slew of different musicians have played online concerts as a result of corona virus and what they have consisted of.

Sequester Fest

  • This article describes how the Missolua Sequesterfest was put on. The show as a 12-hour long music festival presented entirely online in the wake of the corona virus outbreak.

Guidelines/Best Practices

From PCMA:

  • PCMA is one of the largest business event strategy networks in the world. They have launched a news and resource portal for the business events industry specific to COVID-19. This portal contains guidance and best practices about how to move events online in light of the pandemic, such as a downloadable reference sheet on where to start this transition and how to live stream the event.

From Hootsuite:

  • Hootsuite provides an in depth guide on how to host a successful virtual event.

From Zoom:

  • Zoom, a web conferencing platform, provides a range of guidance on hosting digital events in the wake of the corona virus.

From Stanley Meytin:

  • Marketing expert Stanley Meytin provides a range of tips and best practices for how to shift from physical to virtual events.

From Freeman:

  • Freeman published has a list of dos and don'ts for hosting a successful virtual event.
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