Research Proposal

Long-Term Talent Acquisition Models


To identify long-term talent acquisition models wherein young students are engaged and nurtured long-term with the goal of hiring them (preferably STEM fields) to inform the client’s workshop planning strategy.

Early Findings

STEM Early Recruiting

  • “CareerinSTEM is the world’s leading provider of engaging STEM career resources,” and they help inform and guide students into STEM career pipelines. They offer custom-crafted STEM challenges – that can be customized and branded for specific companies – and that help identify stars as young as those in middle and high school.
  • Working in all 50 states, CareerinSTEM offers recruitment marketing, inbound recruiting, employer branding, and a huge talent pool from which to cull the best and brightest for early recruiting.
  • There is considerably more recruiting for STEM happening at the college level than at any other level, and this has significantly increased over the last three to five years. NACEweb reported three major trends in STEM recruiting over the last half-decade, including increasing numbers of “STEM institution-sponsored career fairs” at colleges, increasing numbers of informal events held on campuses, and increasing corporate involvement “which is breaking down the institutional silos between career services and academic areas across campus.”
  • Most recruiters for corporate America “still see career fairs as their primary recruiting tool.” (S3) However, informal brand-sponsored campus events are becoming very popular. Global giant KPMG is one recent sponsor of student club events. The Greenheck Group, Kimberly-Clark, and the Oshkosh Corporation are others also sponsoring campus events with a focus on recruiting from those events.
  • Additionally, internships and co-op positions are increasing – attracting those still in school with the promises of jobs after the internship is complete or the student graduates. Several major companies offer STEM-related internships, including: BlackRock, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Avanade, Lockheed Martin, Citi, EY (Ernst Young), Dell, Nasdaq, Sierra Nevada Corporation, and Deutsche Bank.
  • STEM recruiting is cyclical with more recruiting conducted during the fall than at any other time of year; that said, the recruiting season is becoming more-balanced (more year-round) “as more companies fail to meet their hiring quotas in the fall.”

Early Recruiting for Athletic Youngsters

  • In 2017, 2018, and 2019, multiple new rules for early recruiting were put into effect. Some of these rules prevent college coaches from extending scholarship offers to prospective athletes prior to their junior year of high school. Although this extends to most college sports, it’s not clear if this type of early recruiting is banned for companies, as well.

Proprietary Database Research

  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific research reports that address your goals.

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