Talent Attraction Techniques for Unpopular Industries


To understand how some types of unpopular industries can successfully attract talent, based on case studies and proven successful methods. This information will be used to assist in writing an online article.

Early Findings

Examples of Unpopular Industries

  • Gallup produced a ranking of industries by popularity in 2017, and the three industries that ranked last were the Federal Government, the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Oil and Gas Industries.
  • Other industries such as Airlines, Banks, Advertising and PR, as well as Legal were also ranked amongst the least popular for job seekers.

Causes of Unpopularity

  • Some industries are unpopular at different times depending on scandals, environmental disasters, and a change in culture and generations, and others stay unpopular regardless.
  • An industry such as Insurance is considered "boring", and few young job seekers are attracted to it with only 4% of Millenials responding positively in a survey conducted by The Hartford to the question whether they were interested in a career in Insurance.
  • A lack of information about the types of jobs and careers available in the Insurance industry can also be blamed for its negative image.
  • The Insurance industry suffers from a deficit in communication and a failure to create a link with potential talents, through stories and openness.

Solutions to Attract Talent

  • Companies in unpopular industries should develop and promote career and development opportunities for their prospective employees, through internships, rotational programs, and mentoring.
  • It is essential that companies promote their most difficult tasks or jobs rather than hiding them, and highlight the challenges of the role, and the qualities needed, in order to attract the most talented and strongest candidates.
  • A third solution to attract talent to unpopular industries is to highlight the higher sense of purpose served by working on a role such as a hospital nurse or a government employee.
  • Specifically in the Insurance industry, a non-profit organization called Insure My Path was launched in 2014 to address the issue of the unpopularity of the industry, by educating prospective job seekers about it, and attempt to convince them to choose it for their career.
  • Companies in unpopular industries have also combined recruitment and marketing to create a better image and vision of what working in a particular industry would be like, by using video, social media, and visual content. This technique is called "employer branding" and was deployed by GE in a series of funny commercials called "What's the Matter with Owen?".

Negative Impact on Innovation

  • The Insurance industry is held back in its innovation process by its struggle to attract young innovative talented minds. These are attracted by companies that would offer them the opportunity to work in a modern environment, with the latest technology, and a vision of the future.

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