Research Outline

Teaching People to Better Themselves


To find the best ways to teach and inform people how to grow themselves and further their career prospects.

Early Findings

  • Many people who want to better themselves and boost their careers undertake life coaching.
  • Life coaches motivate people, assess their goals, help them progress and so on.
  • Life coaching can be in many areas like relationships, health or financial, but it can also include a career/business element.
  • According to one study, coaching can result in an ROI of almost 6 times the cost.
  • People who cannot afford a life coach or perhaps want a more self-guided approach could also undertake a personal development course.
  • Courses cover time management, goal setting, creativity, working with mentors, dealing with pressure and more.
  • There is a great deal of information available covering how people like to grow themselves (generally considered personal development) and further their career prospects (through either personal development or career/life coaching). Please spiecy below if there is a more narrowed focus this research should take.