Research Outline

Team Building Companies and Best-In-Class Examples


To identify top companies that provide team building or group facilitation and large companies that are best known for learning and development for purposes of investigating options for a career change.

Early Findings

Preliminary research indicates that there are several companies that specialize in team building and group facilitation. In addition, there is plenty of information available on large companies that excel at learning and development.


  • TeamBonding is a company that assists organizations of all sizes with planning team building events and facilitates over 1,200 events per year.
  • Events are customized based on an organization's values, goals, and culture. TeamBonding offers more than 100 team building options, but can also develop personalized events as well.
  • The group facilitators at TeamBonding provide "fresh, exciting, strategically-focused fun" for Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, startups, and universities.
  • TeamBonding's event facilitators have "genuine enthusiasm" for team building and "have the ability to inspire; to engage; to foster positive, authentic connections and build bonds that last long after [an] event is over."
  • Companies that have used TeamBonding include Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, HSBC, Google, IBM, McDonald's, Microsoft, Nike, Starbucks, Nintendo, Volkswagen, Adobe, American Express, and others.



  • Google's G2G Training Method "promotes a culture that values learning." It allows employees to grow within the organization with on-the-job training and "trusts its employees to be smart, capable and motivated and have the capacity to grow the organization’s learning culture."
  • Google also offers the "Whisper Course" for its managers, which consists of bite-sized lessons that "remind managers of the importance of regularly showing genuine and explicit appreciation for their team members." These "nudges" spur managers to take action and "change behavior in a predictable way."
  • Microsoft uses the work of Carol Dweck, a psychology professor at Stanford University who has pioneered and championed the idea of a growth mindset when learning new skills.
  • Microsoft's goal is to "encourage employees to embrace a change in their mindset and believe that if they are eager to learn, their skills will improve over time."
  • In terms of learning and development, Facebook has the goal to "promote respect and foster a culture of continual learning."
  • Facebook's "Managing Unconscious Bias" is its most recognized learning program and is based on the "belief that understanding and managing unconscious bias can help employees build stronger, more diverse and inclusive organizations."
  • Facebook also has a Bootcamp, which is a six-week introduction to Facebook's code base. It is mandatory for all Facebook engineers and allows them to "determine how they want to contribute to the company and it gives old and new employees an internal network that creates unity."
  • For Facebook managers, there is the "Engage Coaching Program", which provides new managers with one-on-one sessions with an executive coach.
  • Finally, Facebook offers the FLiP (Facebook Leadership in Practice) program, which is a "peer-to-peer program where leaders receive feedback and coaching from their peers and executives." Participants receive insights into best practices for leadership, case studies, and team building exercises.
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