Solutum Competitors


Identify three main competitors of one of the following companies:
1. Kinoko-Tech —
2. Solutum —
3. EcoHandling —
4. W-Cycle —
5. Yarok Microbio —
6. Inspecto —
7. BrandTotal —
8. Algoretail —
9. NINA —
10. Cann 10 —
11. Cannibble —
12. Nutrilees —

Ensure that the competitor is similar in its product, solution, technology, or offering, which is more important than similarity in its financial stage or revenue.

Early Findings


Solutum Competitors

  • Paptic is a Finish manufacturing startup that uses wood-based and recyclable materials to create a product called Paptic that can replace paper and plastic. Paptic's website can be found here.
    • The Paptic product has high tear resistance, stretch, and toughness. It is 80% biodegradable, 30% lighter than plastic, and manufacturing as bags and other packaging materials.
    • However, the company appears to target luxury brands, suggesting that it is not cost-effective.
  • Ecovative Design is a US-based startup that uses fungal mycelium and other agricultural byproducts to replace unsustainable plastic packaging. Its website can be found here.
    • The company's product is called MycoComposite and it is 100% bio-based and takes 30 days to decompose but can be reused if kept dry.
    • It is cost-effective to produce, almost as durable as plastic, insulating, and flame-resistant.
  • Evoware is an Indonesian company that creates packaging out of seaweed.
    • The packaging comes in various versions of plastic-looking bags, is completely edible and nutritious, and dissolves in warm water.
  • Sulapac is a Finnish startup that manufactures packaging that is comparable to plastic and biodegradable but does not make bags. Its website can be found here.
  • Gencis Bioindustries, a Canadian biotech firm, turns food waste into a high-quality bioplastic that is biodegradable. It is more cost-effective than competitors, but it only sells the bioplastic to other manufacturers, and does not make bags itself.

Proposed next steps:

You need to be the project owner to select a next step.
In our initial research, we were able to identify five potential competitors, three of them close competitors in terms of their offering. We recommend continuing our research to identify competitors for the remaining 11 companies (Kinoko-Tech, EcoHandling, W-Cycle, Yarok Microbio, Inspecto, BrandTotal, Algoretail, NINA, Cann 10, Cannibble, Nutrilees). We would start by creating four requests with each request identifying 3-4 potential competitors each for two companies, and then proceed with the remaining 3 companies if you would like. We would identify competitors based on the similarity in product, solution, technology, or offering and thoroughly compare each competitor's offering to the target company. Furthermore, we would provide any key differences in financial stage, revenue, development, location, and other relevant categories when applicable.
Alternatively, we could provide an overview of the biodegradable packing industry. We would determine market size, growth rate, drivers of positive and negative change, and any other relevant information.
Other: You tell us how to proceed.