Research Outline

Tech Engineering Communities


To find two similar technical engineering communities in Germany (or wider), similar to Autodesk Redshift, who hold hackathons and events.

Early Findings

  • held a hackathon in September in Berlin. The event was English-speaking.
  • HackNext hosted a conference last March about hacking insurtech. Much of the conference was in English. However, we could not find any particular organization who actually organized the conference.
  • L&T Technology Services held a roadshow and hackathon in Munich in June. As the website is in English, we assume much of the event was too.
  • EIT Digital sponsors several hacks in Germany (and Europe).
  • Despite several efforts and targeted searches, no hacking/engineering/tech communities speaking English could be found. Our second approach was to look for hackathons or similar events and check who was sponsoring or organizing that event. Most of the organizers are companies, not clubs/organizations.