Research Outline

Tech Investors


To create a list of technology investors from the US, the UK, or Ireland who actively invest in software platforms, software-ecosystems, B2B, B2B2B, or EdTech. The list has to contain their names, company names, email addresses, and the links to their LinkedIn profiles.

Early Findings

Link to the Spreadsheet and the List of Investors

  • Growth Capital Advisory (or GrowthCap) annually publishes a list of the top 25 global software investors that have played a vital role in the investment landscape of the past year. GrowthCap's "The Top 25 Software Investors of 2020" list also contains the names of 25 such major global investors.
  • To create the required list of investors, GrowthCap's above list has been utilized and a spreadsheet has been created. The attached spreadsheet contains the names of 15 such investors along with their respective company names, positions, email addresses, and the links to their LinkedIn profiles. Web platforms like RocketReach and Hunter have been utilized to find the email addresses of the listed investors.
  • In the list, Nehal Raj, Tim Millikin, and Mike Zappert are three investors who are also partners at TPG. Eric Liaw and Thomas Loverro are two investors who are also General Partners at IVP.

Summary of the Initial Findings

  • During our initial one hour of research, we created the spreadsheet and listed the details of 15 investors. However, we found some more lists (like the one by GrowthCap) that mention the names of top investors.