Research Outline

Social Determinants of Heatlh - Lanscape


To understand the market landscape of digital health companies focused on social determinants of health by One: identifying at least 10 companies and providing for each 1) their name, 2) categories involved, 3) key clients, and 4) business model (e.g. B2B, B2C, B2B2C); Two: identifying any trends in this setting, and Three: identifying any use cases or partnerships (e.g. between startups, vendors, between companies and government) that have taken place in this market to inform a comprehensive overview of the market.

Early Findings

  • Solera Health is a startup that has been gaining traction in the market of companies addressing social determinants of health during the past few years.
  • The company aims to address issues such as transportation, fitness, food insecurity, economic insecurity, and social isolation.
  • Solera does this by providing a platform in which patients, payers, and programs can connect and find a solution to a problem. Such an example is a patient in a situation of food insecurity that can use Solera to find a program offering transportation to a food bank.
  • In addition, the company simplifies the reimbursement pathway, making sure social services providers are reimbursed as quickly as other healthcare providers.
  • Solera offers its services to patients through health plans and employers, making it a B2B2C company. While clients are difficult to identify, Solera has numerous partners, which has allowed it to establish a comprehensive service network.
  • Other identified companies can be found on the attached spreadsheet.

Partnerships and Use Cases

  • Solera partnered with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Institute in 2019, a partnership that has also led to raising considerable funding raised from nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.

Summary of Findings

  • We used this initial hour of research to assess the availability of the information, create a spreadsheet, identify 13 companies focused on addressing social determinants of health, and providing the requested information for one of the identified companies, Solera. We did not have time to provide this information for the remaining 12 companies.
  • While we had time to identify one partnership, we did not have time to expand on the characteristics of the partnership nor its consequences. We could identify other partnerships and use cases with further hours of research.
  • We assessed the availability of information regarding trends in the setting of digital health companies addressing social determinants of health. While we were able to identify existing trends, we did not have time to provide this data. We can do so with further hours of research.