Research Proposal

Tech/Travel Gear Companies


The goal is to compile a prospective outreach list of tech/travel gear companies in the United States

Early Findings

  • Anker designs all kinds of portable charging accessories. Their products are widely available on Amazon, as well as in person at stores like Target, Best Buy, and Costco. Steven Yang is the CEO at Anker Innovations Limited.
  • Away Travel makes high-tech luggage that is equipped with built-in wireless chargers. Their bags are available online on their website, as well as in-person at one of their seven stores. Steph Korey is the CEO of Away Travel. The company's 2019 revenue is expected to hit at least $300 million.
  • Bose is a famed headphone and speaker company that makes highly rated noise cancelling headphones that are great for travel. Bose headphones are available online through their store and Amazon, as well as at their own factory stores in-person. They are also sold at big-box stores such as Target and Best Buy. Bob Maresca is the President of Bose Corporation.
  • Cabeau makes travel pillows, blankets, and other travel gear. They have been featured by large publications such as Forbes, Buzzfeed, and Travel + Leisure. Their products can be purchased in their web store and on Amazon. David Sternlight is the CEO of Cabeau.
  • Skyroam offers a portable wifi hotspot for travelers that was developed in 2008. The Skyroam device is available for purchase on their website, on Amazon, or at retail stores such as Brookstone and InMotion. Jing Lieu is the CEO of Skyroam.
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