Technology and the Future of Credit


To find information on whether financial and fintech institutions combine technologies in the future of credit such as BaaS and blockchain.

Early Findings

Technology and the Future of Credit

  • The potential disruption that technologies will have in the future of credit point to the possibility that financial institutions and fintech companies will combine various technologies to offer services to consumers.
  • As detailed before examples of technologies that are expected to permanently change the financial industry and banking sector are artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing.
  • Additional technological trends that are bound to have an impact on the future of credit include using data and AI for personalization at scale, voice-first banking, open banking, digital-only banking, cybersecurity, big tech companies such Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple entering the financial sector, blockchain, and cloud computing.
  • As is expected with technology, Banks and other financial institutions that offer credit to consumers are bound to use a combination of different technologies so that they remain adapt to the changes that are coming to the industry to ensure they retain competitive positions.

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