Technology Seasonality & Sector Challenges


An understanding of tech buying seasonality, as well as top issues and concerns for the following 3 sectors local government, home healthcare and K-12 education

Early Findings

It’s noted that the strongest season across all tech sectors is the range between October 9th through February 15th.

The low season in the tech sector tends to fall around early August.

Fiscal concerns are a key issue local governments are addressing right now.

Mobile apps, cloud computing and drone programs are anticipated to be some of the most rapidly growing tech solutions in the local government space.

Top projected issues and concerns around tech in the local government sector include cybersecurity regulations for use of the Internet of Things (IoT), mapping for autonomous vehicles, and regulations around blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

A key challenge in the home healthcare sector will be technology’s ability to keep up with the rapid growth of the aging population.

One tech solution to this will be home healthcare solutions that improve automation, in order to deliver care to many users.

Choosing the right option in the growing healthcare tech space will also be a challenge, in supporting home healthcare organizations that will need to increase efficiency while still providing quality care and affordable options.

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