Techstars Company Analysis


To provide a company analysis of Techstars focusing on their corporate innovation practice.

Early Findings

Techstars - Financial Information

  • Techstars is located in Boulder, Colorado. It has 180 employees.
  • It helps entrepreneurs succeed through a worldwide network.
  • The company has received $103.8 million in funding over five funding rounds.
  • Their February 2011 funding raised $2 million. The March 2011 funding raised $8 million.
  • In September 2011, they raised $24 million. The primary investor was the Foundry Group. Other investors included IA Ventures, Avalon Ventures, Mercury Bank, Softbank, Silicon Valley Bank, RRE Ventures, and Right Side Capital Group.
  • In January 2016, they raised $27.8 million in funding. The July 2019 round raised $42 million.
  • Techstars annual revenue is estimated at $80 million.
  • They have made 1,803 investments and 73 lead investments.

Techstar Metrics

  • Techstar has hosted more than 4,000 events in over 150 countries.
  • They have more than 3,000 mentors and alumni of more than 300,000.

Accelerator Programs

  • Techstar recently teamed with Comcast NBC Universal in Philadelphia to provide investment, deep industry, and entrepreneurship experience over a 13-week course.
  • Their London program started in 2013. The eighth version recently concluded with six out of the ten companies involved being pitched by female CEOs.

Corporate Innovation Programs

  • Techstar offers a range of corporate innovation packages.
  • The partnership opportunities include corporate accelerators, network sponsorship, network engagement programs, and innovation strategies.
  • The accelerator programs aim to help businesses protect themselves from disruptions by providing connections with promising startups in the same field. It is a two-way mentorship program.
  • The accelerator program runs for three months.
  • Innovation Boot Camps are three-day events that aim to cultivate leadership, accelerate innovation, and retain and develop talent. The Boot Camps provide internal teams with mentorship, frameworks, and resources, so they are equipped to deal with critical business problems.
  • Other corporate innovation packages include Techstar Studios, ecosystem development, network engagement programs, and network sponsorship.

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