Research Outline

Tel Aviv Flower Market


To determine whether Tel Aviv is a suitable market for a flower subscription service by determining both competitors and demand in the metro city area.

Early Findings

  • A review of the websites of the top 9 florists in Tel Aviv did not uncover any that promote regular subscription services.
  • While there is no information available in the public sphere on flower subscriptions in Tel Aviv, or even in Israel, there are US trends that may be of interest.

Global Trends

Success Elements in floral Subscriptions

  • Subscription players are on the leading edge of players in the market. They follow trends and changing demands closely.
  • Most subscription florists "follow sustainable practices and source flowers locally"
  • Often the elements in the bouquet are both seasonal and in keeping with the taste of the customer. Florists are using compostable or biodegradable packaging.
  • All of these decisions contribute to new companies' success in getting funding.