Telecom Business Segments Analysis


To analyze the business managed wifi services market, the business surveillance services market, the IPTV market, and the sports programming industry in order to help prepare a request for proposal.

Early Findings

  • What is prompting telecom companies to offer business managed Wifi service is the increasing demand for fast, secure, and reliable WiFi by businesses and business demand for wifi service is in turn fueled by their customer demand.
  • For instance, a survey by Cisco found that "96% of consumers prefer to shop at stores that offer Wifi—and according to Oracle, 60% actually demand it."
  • The demand is expected to increase in the future as studies have shown that there will be about 6 billion smartphones and 21 billion IoT devices in use by 2020.
  • The major difference in the surveillance services offered by telecom companies compared to the services offered by traditional players is that telecom service providers bundle the surveillance/security service with cable, Internet, and phone service.
  • The security and surveillance business is appealing to telecommunication companies because they are already in homes and small businesses through services such as cable and internet, hence the additional cost of providing surveillance services is minimal when added to an existing package.
  • Top telecom brands in the US currently offering surveillance solution include AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon.
  • The benefits of IPTV in the minds of residential telecom customers include the on-demand content access, access to content globally, availability on multiple devices, cheaper cost, zero need for long contracts, among others.
  • Dedicated sports channels such as ESPN are still very popular and continue to dominate ratings, with ESPN airing the "top six and 17 of the top 20" programs in 2018.

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