Research Outline

Medical Stock Performance Analysis


To inform equity investment decisions in the telehealth space by identifying ten of the leading publicly traded, pure-play telehealth companies, including their name, a brief description of their business, their stock performance history since the start of the pandemic and links to relevant analyst commentary. Ideally, data will be provided within a spreadsheet.

Early Findings

Publicly Traded, Pure-Play Telehealth Companies

Publicly Traded, Pure-Play Digital Therapeutics Companies

  • As a separate strategy for identifying publicly traded investment opportunities in the medical industry during the pandemic, the research team looked into the digital therapeutics market.
  • Notably, the digital therapeutics industry is expected to expand significantly amid the coronavirus outbreak, due to additional consumer adoption of digital therapeutics services as well as the improving regulatory environment.
  • Moreover, initial research suggests that Livongo and Health Catalyst are two leading, pure-play digital therapeutics companies that can be publicly traded through equity markets.