Bjs Wholesale Club Inc.


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Early Findings

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BJ's Wholesale Club Inc (NYSE: BJ)

Company Overview

  • "BJ's Wholesale Club is a leading warehouse club operator on the East Coast of the United States; the company provides a curated assortment focused on perishable products, continuously refreshed general merchandise, gas, and other ancillary services to deliver a differentiated shopping experience that is further enhanced by its omnichannel capabilities."

Products and Services

  • The company primarily functions as a club operator, but it also offers other services to its customer base, including BJ's Gas® and BJ's Travel®; these help customers in doing a lot more with their budgets. It also offers a service called ClubVenience, which allows customers to shop with ease with convenient options like Same-Day Grocery Delivery, buy online and pick up in-Club, coupons on the BJ's Mobile App and an expanded assortment on

Locations & HQ

  • The company is headquartered in Westborough, Massachusetts, United States. It currently serves in more than 210 locations located across 16 states.

Financial Information

  • "Gross profit of the company amounted to $628.9 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2018, and it was about $621.3 million in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2017. For the full-year, gross profit increased amounted to $2.36 billion in 2018 and $2.24 billion in fiscal 2017."
  • The company recorded an annual sales figure of $12.7 billion.
For the past four years, the company's annual sales/revenue were as follows:
  • 2016: $12.47 billion; 2017: $12.35 billion; 2018: $12.75 billion ; and 2019: $13.01billion
For the past four years, the company's EBITDA was as follows:
  • $370.74 million (2016); $397.09 million (2017); $387.34 million (2018); and $475.76 million (2019)

C-Suite (Executive Team)

  • Lee Delaney is the president of the company.
  • Jeff Desroches is the executive vice president, and club operations officer at Bjs Wholesale Club Inc.
  • This company has Robert W. Eddy as its executive vice president, chief financial and administrative officer.
  • Bari Harlam is the executive vice president for membership, marketing & analytics.
  • Scott Kessler is the current executive vice president and chief information officer.
  • Brian Poulliot is also the executive vice president at Bjs Wholesale Club Inc., and he is also the chief membership officer of the company.
  • The company currently employs about 26,383 people.

Additional Information

  • Two investors have funded the company, and they are Leonard Green & Partners and CVC Capital Partners.
  • Terri & Sandy has previously been recognized as the agency of record for Bjs.

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