Fanatics Company Overview


To understand everything there is to know about Fanatics, including their current CMO , C-suite , competition , products , current agency of record , HQ , employee base , annualized revenue , and locations.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were able to provide the current position most closely related to the CMO, C-suite, products , HQ locations, and number of employees.



  • Fanatics sells sports apparel for a variety of sports and leagues, including the NFL, college sports, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, soccer, golf, eSports, and more.
  • Sporting event tickets can also be bought from the site.
  • Apparel ranges from hats, T-shirts, and jerseys to pajamas, sweatshirts, and hats.


  • They have multiple HQ locations, located in Jacksonville, FL., San Mateo, CA., Manchester, UK., and Tokyo, Japan.


  • The company's LinkedIn profile claims that they currently have between 1,001 and 5,000 employees.

Proposed next steps:

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We propose further research that will leverage and build upon the background information found on Fanatics in the initial hour of research to present a cohesive overview on Fanatics. This will include a deeper look at the company which will include origins, how they grew, what countries they are now in, the number of locations in each country, where their headquarters are, agency of record (as available), and any other information that can be added upon concerning the company revenue and any other publicly available financials.
We also recommend a complete biography, both personal and professional for Fanatic's Chief Commercial Officer, identified in the initial research. In addition, we could proceed to find 3-5 unique recent news and media articles about Fanatics that chronicles the retailers issues over the past 12 months. For each unique recent article found, we will provide the link to it as well as a description of what it is about.
Additionally, we suggest research to find 7 true competitors to Fanatics. For those competitors we will provide their names, their website page, why they are a competitor (why we chose them), and their value proposition. Subsequently, once we have those 7 true competitors, we will proceed with a competitive landscape on them, placing 2 companies in each landscape (we WILL include Fanatics in the CL which will give us 8 companies in total to analyze). For each competitor, we will provide their competitive advantage, their strengths, their perceived weaknesses, any publicly available revenue, and cities/countries where they have a footprint.