John's Incredible Pizza


To provide a comprehensive overview on John's Incredible Pizza, which include a company overview, their current CMO, their C-Suite, any competitors, their products, current agency of record, their headquarters, locations they have, their employee base and their annualized revenue.

Early Findings

  • In 1997, John Parlet opened the first John's Incredible Pizza outlet in Victorville, California.
  • John's Incredible Pizza is a family buffet restaurant and entertainment business. Each location has an average size of 50,000 square feet and five or six themed dining rooms depending on location.
  • The company's corporate headquarters is located in Rancho Santa Margarita, California.
  • John's Incredible Pizza has 14 US locations as follows; Bakersfield, Beaverton, Buena Park, Carson, Fresno, Las Vegas, Modesto, Montclair, Newark, Riverside, Roseville, San Diego, Victorville, and Westminster. Twelve of these locations are in California, one is in Nevada and one in Oregon.
  • John Parlet is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder and President of John's Incredible Pizza.
  • Laura Kroth is the Director of Sales & Marketing of John's Incredible Pizza.
  • John's Incredible Pizza is a privately held equity company Kemper Corporation and Brookside Group are the company's most recent investors.
  • John's Incredible Pizza has an estimated annual revenue of $5.2 million annually and 2,100 employees.

Social Media Platforms

Summary of Early Findings

Our first hour of research was able to provide much of the required information. We were able to provide some background information, information on locations, their headquarters, their employee base, their estimated annualized revenue and social media platforms. Due to time restrictions, we could not research on their competitors.

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