Krystal Restaurants


To obtain a company overview of Krystal Restaurants, including the name of their current CMO and c-suite executives, the current agency of record, their locations and the city and state where the headquarters are located, their annual revenue, an overview of the products/services they offer, the number of employees working for the company, and a competitive set.

Early Findings

Company Overview and Background


  • Krystal Restaurants is a fast-food chain of restaurants.
  • The restaurants serve a variety of options including burgers, chicken nuggets, french fries and tater tots, hot dogs, and soft drinks, among other things.
  • The company describes themselves as being unafraid "to innovate, adding a breakfast menu, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, milkshakes (and more) to our enduring selection of delicious, iconic, little square burgers".

Financial Data and Leadership Information

  • Krystal Restaurants has an annual revenue of about $297.87 million.
  • The president and CEO of Krystal Restaurants is Tim Ward, who was appointed to the position in November of 2019 following the resignation of former CEO, Paul Macaluso.
  • The CFO of Krystal Restaurants is Bruce Vermilyea, who was appointed to the position in late 2019 following the resignation of former CFO, Berry Epley.
  • Dominic Losacco is the CMO of Krystal Restaurants, and has been with the company in that role since May of 2018.

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