Office Max


To obtain a company overview of Office Max, including the name of their current CMO and other c-suite executives, their agency of record, the location of their headquarters and other stores, their annual revenue, a listing of their products, and their competitive set.

Early Findings

Company Overview and Background

Products and Services

  • As Office Max is an office supply store, it sells a wide variety of products for office use, including writing utensils, various paper products, electronics such as printers and computers, and office furniture.
  • They also sell a number of cleaning products to be used in an office environment, as well as snack and drink items typically stocked in an office breakroom.
  • Additionally, they offer a number of office-related services, such as printing, marketing material production, and logo design services.

Leadership Team

  • The company's CEO is Gerry P. Smith.
  • N. David Bleisch serves as the executive vice president, chief legal and administrative officer, and corporate secretary.
  • Jerri DeVard is the executive vice president and chief customer officer. She began her career with the company as the chief marketing officer, and continues to fulfill the same marketing-related duties for the organization that she did while working as the chief marketing officer.

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