Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Company Analysis


To understand everything there is to know about Perkins Pancake House. This includes, but is not limited to, their current CMO , company overview , locations , headquarters , competition , and annualized revenue.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were able to provide an overview, the current leader of marketing, locations , headquarters , and competition for Perkins Pancake House. Below is an overview of our early findings.



  • While the company does not seem to have a CMO, the current Senior Vice President of Marketing for Perkins is James Pritchard.




  • For of the top competitors to Perkins are Le Macaron French Pastries, Corner Bakery, Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery, and Kolache Factory.

Proposed next steps:

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In order to provide a deeper understanding of Perkins, we suggest diving deeper with additional research to determine their most recent annual publicly available revenue and any other publicly available financials, number of locations in each state/province, number of employees, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and competitive advantage (what sets them apart).
We also suggest providing a competitive landscape of Perkins' competitors listed above. For each company, we will provide a company overview, their competitive advantage, their strengths, their perceived weaknesses, any publicly available revenue, and cities/countries where they have a footprint. This will be split into two blocks of research 1) Le Macaron French Pastries and Corner Bakery, and 2) Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery and Kolache Factory.
We are also suggesting a complete biography, both personal and professional for their Senior Vice President of Marketing, who was clearly identified in the initial research. In addition, we feel it would add value if we proceeded to find 5-7 recent news and media articles about Perkins that chronicles the restaurant's issues over the past 12 months. For each unique recent article found, we will provide the link to it as well as a description of what it is about.