WOW! Cable


To obtain a company overview of WOW! Cable, including the name of their current CMO and c-suite executives, the current agency of record, an overview of the products/services they offer, their locations and the city and state where the headquarters are located, their employee base, their annual revenue, and a competitive set.

Early Findings

Company Overview and Background

Services Offered

Company Leadership

  • WOW! Cable's CEO and director is Teresa Elder.
  • The company's chief marketing and sales officer is Nancy McGee.
  • Their CFO is Richard E. Fish, Jr.
  • The vice president of corporate development and investor relations is Lucas Binder. He can be reached via phone at (303) 927-4951, or by email at
  • The senior director of corporate communications is Debra Havins, and she can be reached by phone at (303) 927-4913 or by email at

Proposed next steps:

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We would recommend continued research to provide a more detailed background and overview of WOW! Cable, including the company's origins and how they've grown since their founding, the remainder of their leadership and c-suite teams, any additional publicly available financial data about the company, and the company's agency of record for their marketing and advertising (along with 2-3 examples of creatives). Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.
We would further recommend a complete biography, both personal and professional, for the chief marketing officer identified during our early research. Further, we would recommend a press search for the company, to include 10-12 unique news articles published in the past 12-24 months about WOW! Cable. For each article identified, we will provide a link to it, along with a brief description of the article. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.
Finally, we would recommend additional research to identify seven true competitors to WOW! Cable. For each, we will provide their name and website, why they've been included as a competitor, and their value proposition. Further, we would recommend research to provide a competitive landscape of those seven competitors alongside WOW! Cable, including for each their competitive advantage, their strengths and weaknesses, their annual revenue, and any cities/states/countries where they have a footprint. Please check this box if we should proceed with this research.