The Village Inn


To obtain information on The Village Inn, including an overview, CMO, agency of record, organization size, revenue, and locations.

Early Findings


  • The first Village Inn opened in 1958 in Denver, Colorado, and began opening franchises in 1961.
  • Village Inn was founded by Merton “Andy” Anderson and Jim Mola.


  • Karen Slye is the senior marketing director for Village Inn corporate.
  • Kari Kelley is the Director, Digital Marketing, American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC.
  • Digital Fusion has done marketing for Village Inn.
  • In January 2019, WorkInProgress was listed as the ad agency they were working with. They appointed them in the fall of 2018 and had just finished their first campaign.
  • Agency Spy stated: "Casual dining chain Village Inn has selected WorkInProgress as its agency of record, following a review which initially included 15 agencies before narrowing down to 5 finalists.

Business Information

Results From Initial Research

  • There is very little publicly available information on the Village Inn other than marketing.
  • LinkedIn provided no details on the upper hierarchy of the company.
  • Their social media showed advertisements for food.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research uncovered several of the needed pieces of information. Therefore we recommend further research to do a company analysis of Village Inn/American Blue Ribbon Holdings. In this analysis, we will provide a company overview and revenue for American Blue Ribbon Holdings. We will do further research to verify the chief marketing staff, their marketing agency, and any relevant advertising they have done.
Additionally, we could do a press search for the last 12 months for any relevant information pertaining to the Village Inn. We would find 15-20 articles (If available) and provide a brief description along with a link to the article.