P&G Company Profile


To obtain a company profile of P&G. https://us.pg.com

Early Findings

P&G Overview

  • This company was founded in 1837.
  • This is a public company that has over 10,000 employees according to their LinkedIn account. On LinkedIn, they have about 109,348 profiles as their employee count.
  • Their current employee count globally stands at 97,000 in 2019.
  • The company had an employee count of about 135,000 in 2008. This is the highest it was in the past 12 years.


Net Sales Overview

  • The different categories bring in sales in this proportion:
    • Beauty: 19%
    • Grooming: 10%
    • Health Care: 12%
    • Fabric and Home Care: 32%
    • Baby, Feminine, and Family Care: 27%
  • The sales per region are as follows:
    • North America: 44%
    • Europe: 24%
    • Asia Pacific: 9%
    • Greater China: 9%
    • Latin America: 7%
    • India, Middle East, and Africa (IMEA): 7%
  • The net sales are divided between developed markets and developing markets at 65% and 35% respectively.

Proposed next steps:

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Our initial research has provided an overview of some company details. We propose continued research to provide a company profile. For this section, we will provide information on the leadership, the vision, and the mission of the company. We will also provide general insights into what the company does. For each segment, we will provide a brief description.
Additionally, we will provide insights into its historical journey from 1837 to date. This historical journey will highlight the major transition moments that kept growing the company throughout the years. We will also provide 4-5 financial and statistical insights into the different categories.
Additionally, we propose continued research to determine how many offices they have globally. For each office, we will provide the actual location. We will provide additional research on each region, providing the names of the leadership in those offices/regions.