The goal is to find trends in the wellness, fitness, and CBD markets for 2020, as well as scientific backup for percussive therapy and consumer opinions of the Theragun products.

Early Findings

  • Studies have been done that show that percussive therapy can significantly decrease muscle soreness and increase a person's range of motion.
  • Percussive therapy is often compared to using a foam muscle roller, which uses similar techniques to provide pain relief.
  • Percussion therapy is used in fitness to speed up muscle recovery after a demanding workout.

Wellness Tech Trends

CBD Trends

Theragun Perceptions

  • The Theragun G2 has 3.8 stars on Amazon with 54% of ratings being 5 stars. Consumers like the switch feature that allows the product to stay on, as well as the lifetime warranty. Consumers do not like the seemingly short life of the product and the level of noise it produces.
  • The Theragun G3 Pro has 4.3 stars on Amazon with 74% of ratings being 5 stars. Positive reviews mainly say that the product works very well and relieves pain quickly. 11% of reviews were one star and mostly talked about defective products that stopped working quickly

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