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Third Party Food Apps


Support a business pitch by providing an overall marketshare breakdown of food marketplace tech apps (NOT delivery, but including pick-up, dine-in, and table bookings), as well as two case studies- one of a large player and one of a smaller player, all in the UK/London. Companies that should be included are Ritual, Zapaygo, Just Eat, Takeaway, Resmio, OpenTable, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and other small-scale players.

Early Findings

A Glimpse at the UK Market

  • In the UK, ordering takeaway is a weekly occurrence. 13% order multiple times a week. The takeaway and fast-food market in the UK is worth $20b.
  • Many players, like Uber Eats and obviously Deliveroo provide delivery services as well as takeaway. This makes it difficult to separate out marketshare without including delivery revenue.
  • Delivery services are exploding, but takeaway aggregator services are still a huge chunk of the market.
  • Delivery service users most likely choose a service based on whether or not their choices are available. Only 24% of users say they decide what restaurant to order from during using a service (ex. while browsing or reading reviews), versus knowing beforehand.
  • The pandemic has severely hurt dine-in from online, phone and walk-in reservations. According to OpenTable, it had dropped by 80%.


  • Deliveroo was valued at $2b as of September 2017, after its latest round of funding. It has also had a recent deal with Amazon approved which will enhance its ability to compete considerably.
  • Deliveroo had planned to have Pickup services available in over 10,000 restaurants by 2020, after launching the year before.
  • 30% of UK consumers said they had ordered something from Deliveroo in the past 12 months. The platform has 15,000 restaurants on offer.

Just Eat

  • According to analysts, the growth of Deliveroo prevents Just Eat from dominating the market, hinting that Just Eat is the dominant player by far. This has been both because of their status as an older brand, and due to acquisition like of Hungryhouse in 2016.
  • This is backed up by their valuation. Just Eat was acquired by Takeaway in early 2020, for $7.8b.
  • According to a report in 2019, Just Eats' market share (at least of the delivery market) managed to grow despite a competitive market by a whopping 11%, finishing at 28% of the market, while Deliveroo lost market share.
  • Just Eat processes about 100m orders a year from UK customers. They have 35,700 restaurants available.
  • 75% of consumers had ordered from Just Eat in the last 12 months. This was followed by those that had ordered from Domino's at 46%, Deliveroo at 30%, Uber Eats at 26%, Nando's at 11%, One Delivery at 2%, and 8% had ordered from other sites.

Uber Eats

  • Uber Eats has 50,000 restaurants on its platform. 26% of UK customers have ordered from the platform in the last 12 months.


  • Ritual has refused to release revenue reports as a privately-held company, but had $127.5m in venture funding as of 2019 and has just raised an additional $21.3m in 2020. The percentage of consumers actually using it falls within the 8% categorization of "others" in the statistic mentioned above, and they have not released the number of restaurants available on the app.


  • Zapaygo has refused to release revenue reports as a privately-held company, but smashed their recent crowdfunding goal of $330,700 and hit $1.2m. There is definitely some interest in the app, although consumers actually using it falls within the 8% categorization of "others" in the statistic mentioned above. They have not released the number of restaurants available on the app.


  • Resmio does not have revenue data available, nor market share, but does say they have over 1m guests processed through their system monthly, with 10,000 restaurants using the service. Note that this is a total figure, not just limited to the UK. There is also no available data online about their market share.


  • OpenTable has 7,600 restaurants on its platform. There is no available information about its market share or revenue specific to the UK.

In general, while there is data available for many of the major players of interest, there is no available direct information about the market share of each company when it comes to non-delivery (pick-up, dine-in, and table bookings). However, the team has found comparative data on the number of restaurants available on many apps, as well as other data like revenue. These can be used as bases to identify consumer preferences and conceptions of relative size. Due to time constraints, the team was unable to perform case studies, but has identified which players can be considered bigger or smaller- which can inform which apps to be studied in further research.

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