Research Outline

Owners of Third-Party Commercial Solar Assets


To gather information on the owners of third-party commercial solar assets with a system larger than 1000kw, including name and contact. The information will be used to understand owners' pain points and determine opportunities for business.

Early Findings

We identified a total of 149 companies with a system of over 1000kw. The new list is compiled in the attached spreadsheet.
  • Our initial research suggests that some of the names of the owners of these companies are available through sources such as business registration certificates or databases like OpenCorporate and Better Business Bureau, if publicly available.
  • Contact information of these owners is available at sources such as RocketReach or Instant CheckMate.
  • We also concluded that some of these companies may not have this information publicly available.
  • In addition, our research suggested that most information regarding these companies' executive members is publicly available.
  • During our initial research, we were able to search for the information of the first three companies (rows 2-4). Only Rubbercycle, LLC had the ownership information publicly available.