Tier 2 Utilities


To identify additional utility companies operating in the US including the size of their customer base, type of service provided, ownership type, and website.

Early Findings

Here is the Google spreadsheet containing the preliminary findings.

Per your request, we have identified 20 additional utility companies operating in the US. We have completed the attached spreadsheet with the names, websites and customer count for the identified water utility firms. Below are some of our findings:
  • Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility is owned and operated by the city of Anchorage. It currently serves 55,000 people.
  • The Amador Water Agency is privately owned and currently serves 10,000 people.
The above companies along with their websites have also been listed in the attached spreadsheet.

Proposed next steps:

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In our additional hour of research, we were unable to identify a preexisting report that provides their names, ownership, and customer count for water utility companies. Therefore, we had to source the data individually. For the water utility firms listed in tab two, we can proceed by completing the attached spreadsheet with the ownership and customer information for the pre-identified 30 water utility companies.
In addition, we are also recommending research to identify the individual websites of the largest 100 electric utility companies based on customer count as provided in the spreadsheet.