Research Proposal

Tik Tok in Greece


To understand the popularity of the Tik Tok social platform in the Greek market and the profile of people who use this platform.

Early Findings



  • Tik Tok is primarily popular with those in the 16-24 age group, which makes up 41% of the platform's user base.
  • Teens and preteens love Tik Tok.
  • Male users slightly outpace female users, 55.6% to 44.4%; however, Douyin users (in China) trend more female (66.4%)
  • Users like to see other users' creativity and to be creative, while engaging with friends.
  • Some 66% of users viewed someone else's video in the previous month, while 55% uploaded their own video.
  • Teenagers are spending nearly an hour per day on the Tik Tok app.


    • Based on a map including in a Business of Apps article, it appears that Tik Tok may have higher penetration in Greece than some other European countries, but specific figures are not included.
    • SimilarWeb does not list Greece among the top countries providing traffic to Tik Tok's website, instead showing the US (21.71%) topping the list, followed by India, Russia, Turkey, and Vietnam. Data on other countries is paywalled.
    • Another SimilarWeb analysis of Tik Tok shows Canada, Germany, the UK, and France as countries using the app the most.
    • Greek is listed as one of Tik Tok's available languages.
    • Tik Tok videos tagged with "Greece" suggest it does have a following there.
    • The TikTokGram hashtag and user analytics site shows over 856 million Tik Tok videos with the #greece.
    • Tik Tok is listed as the 20th most popular app in Greece in SimilarWeb.
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