TikTok - Social Media User Insights


The goal is to understand how 20-30 year olds use social media, especially segmented by content creators, casual users, and content fans, as well as why people tend to join new social media platforms.

Early Findings

  • Millennials use Facebook the most and are most likely to share lots of information about both their personal and professional lives on social media.
  • 75% of Millennials have said they have been influenced by content on social media when making online purchases.
  • 44% of Gen Z claims to check their social media profiles on an hourly basis.
  • Gen Z prefers more private social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, and over 95% of this generation uses YouTube regularly.
  • Gen Z is more likely to experiment with different social media platforms and their features to create something that works for them and what they want to use social media for.
  • Gen Z is also sharing more user-created content than content created by "media authorities".
  • Research shows that content creators that have a strong following are more free to use whichever platform they wish, as fans will follow them wherever they are available just to continue seeing their content.
  • YouTube is one of the most favored social media platforms by content creators simply because the platform pays them for their content outright instead of only through ads.
  • One of the biggest reasons people join new social media apps, such as TikTok, is Fear of Missing Out, or FoMO. Both Millennials and Gen Z suffer from this perception where they feel the need to be on the same platforms as their peers so they fit in and don't miss out on what their peers are talking about online.
  • People tend to join TikTok because it offers personalized content based on recently viewed content without having to add many friends.
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