Top 20 TikTok Countries


To find data on TikTok downloads in the top 20 countries worldwide, in order to create a resource.

Early Findings

Countries with the largest TikTok audience

Proposed next steps:

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Exact data and statistics surrounding TikTok downloads by country in 2019 don't seem available, as research agencies, such as Priori Data, only published this information for the top 5 countries worldwide. Because a research project which is already underway will attempt to locate the top 20 countries by number of TikTok users, we would recommend alternating the course of this research to provide 3-5 best practices when it comes to marketing/advertising on TikTok in the UK. We will explain how we identified the best practices.
We could also provide a list of the top 20 countries by the number of TikTok users/downloads in the year 2018, as this information is available.