Tim Hortons Marketing Department


To gain an understanding of the structure of the marketing department at Tim Hortons.

Early Findings

  • Axel Schwan is the Global CMO for Tim Hortons.
  • While no organization chart or description is available via any page on their official website, through the investor relations section or in their annual report, some information can be built using employee profiles on LinkedIn.
  • Tim Hortons Canada has a separate Head of Marketing, so it seems there is a global department over country-specific departments. This is confirmed by another person's page who was also the former Head of Marketing for Tim Hortons Canada. Moving from a regional to a national to a global team seems to be the natural career progression within Tim Hortons.
  • There are regional teams within Tim Hortons Canada, headed by a senior regional manager.
  • It appears there are also product teams within marketing, such as beverage and food. Their head appears to be a Senior Director.
  • Additionally, there are themed teams like strategy, communications, sponsorships, brand loyalty, contests, and so on.
  • It is difficult to tell, but it appears the hierarchy goes (from top down) Senior Director (product and segment teams), Director, Senior Manager (regional teams), Manager then others like Analyst.

Proposed next steps:

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