Tissue paper market in Footwear


To find the global market for paper tissue in shoe boxes.

Early Findings


  • On Ali Baba, wrapping tissue paper for shoe boxes costs between $0.01 and $1.00 a piece depending on the quality, wth most costing less than $0.30 a piece.


Shoe Packaging Market

  • Corrugated boxes represent the most common type of shoe packaging with 38.9% of the shoe packaging market in 2017.
  • In 2015, the market for corrugated boxes was worth $61.29 billion worldwide and growing at a CAGR of 3.94%.


  • If we assume that every corrugated shoe box has a sheet of tissue paper in it, and that 38.9% of the 23.5 billion pairs of shoes are packed in a corrugated box, this means that 38.9%*23.5 billion = 9.14 billion of pairs are packed in a corrugated box and therefore with a piece of tissue paper.
  • This means that the market for tissue paper is around 9.14 billion per year.
  • This would represent a value between $90 million (9.14 billion *$0.01) and $9.14 billion (9.14 billion *$1) depending on the price of paper tissue sheets. This is based on 1 tissue paper sheet per box.


  • There is a global shift towards switching to sustainable shoe packaging materials.
  • ome major companies such as Adidas, Wallmart and Scholl are trying to reduce their shoe packaging waste by using recycling materials, reducing the size of their packaging and eliminating some packaging items.
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