Tonal Company Profile


The goal is to measure Tonal's future potential by looking at the company's history, financial information, strategies, and top employees.

Early Findings

  • Tonal was founded in 2015 by Aly Orady.
  • Aly Orady lives in Sunnyvale, California. He has a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from McMaster University and a Master's in Networking and Computer Architecture from Stanford University.
  • Tonal has received $90 million in funding, though we were unable to find out who provided which amount of funding.
  • L Catterton, Evolution Media, Mayfield, Shasta Ventures, and Sapphire Ventures are listed as investors on Tonal's website.
  • Their equipment offering is simply called Tonal. It is a wall mounted home gym with parts that fold out, like resistance arms. They also offer individual equipment like a workout bench, resistance bands, and ropes.
  • A patent was granted in 2017 for Tonal's wall-mounted gym system. The inventor's name is listed as Garrett Kessling.
  • The Tonal home gym has been recognized by publications such as New York Magazine, Fast Company, and Men's Health.
  • One article talks about Tonal's strategy of targeting beginners, saying that their goal is not to replace the big-box gyms.

Proposed next steps:

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