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Engineering Talents


The top ten countries with the most experienced software engineering talents, as well as, the top 50 startups in these countries.

Early Findings

  • Based on IT skills and tests, the world's top developer talents are in the following countries:
    • Slovakia with a score index of 100.
    • Czech Republic - 93.38
    • Hungary - 92.86
    • Poland - 92.74
    • Serbia - 92.59
    • Ireland - 92.27
    • Spain - 92.12
    • Ukraine - 91.26
    • Switzerland - 91.08
    • Germany - 90.70
  • It appears most of the countries on this list are in Europe. Other countries on the list include Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Greece, Brazil, the UK, Italy, Romania, Belgium, and Belarus.
  • The US was the 26th country on this list with Australia being the 28th country.
  • Another list by HackerRank, a "platform that scores and ranks engineers based on their coding skills," ranked the best developers in the world based on challenges set by the company.
  • According to this list, the world's best programmers and developers are in the following countries:
    • China
    • Russia
    • Poland
    • Switzerland
    • Hungary
    • Japan
    • Taiwan
    • France
    • Czech Republic
    • Italy
    • Ukraine
    • Bulgaria
    • Singapore
    • Germany


  • While there is no agreed-upon list of the countries with the world's best software developer talents, the first list appears to be more credible as it factored in several skills and tests.

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