Profiting from the pandemic


To have a list of the top 10 industries or companies making money during the pandemic.

Early Findings

Top global industries

  • We found there are no pre-compiled lists of the industries with the highest profit margins over the last few months. Any such lists tend to focus on those industries that are facing the most losses. Most content about successful industries focuses on predictions for when the pandemic measures draw to a close.
  • All of the industries in this IBIS report, for example, have experienced some set backs or severe losses.
  • However, there is content on how individual industries are seeing high profits, even if that content doesn't rank those industries. For example, the Economist reported that tech giants are thriving, particularly digital platforms.
  • There was no publicly available information though on what the industry's profit margins were. Any information tends to be reported quarterly, but the pandemic has had its strongest impact in March and April. The tech industry saw a profit margin of 55.7% for Q1 2020, which is up from 51% in Q4 2019.
  • The broadcast industry saw a significant leap in profit margins from Q4 2019 to Q1 2020, going from 78% to 92%.
  • According to Forbes, four industries or business types that are still hiring (suggesting they are still somewhat successful) are pharmacies, teleworking software, grocery stores, and tech support.
  • The US Chamber of Commerce notes that the following business types have managed to thrive with the changed circumstances: cleaning services, delivery services, drive-in motor theaters, grocery stores, wine and liquor stores, meal prep delivery services, canned goods, game makers, fitness equipment companies, and landscapers.

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