Research Outline

Construction Business Cost Questions


The goal is to find the top ten questions most asked by construction company owners about business costs.

Early Findings


  • This article includes questions for construction company startups, such as how much does it cost to buy startup equipment and how much it costs to have contractor's insurance.
  • One of the questions that came up multiple times is how much contractors should charge. This article is one that answers that question.
  • Another question that came up is how to navigate payments as a construction company and what to do when situations arise, such as people not paying on time.
  • "What is the construction profit margin?" is another question that we came across.
  • We also found guides, like this one, regarding what type of construction insurance exists.
  • On Contractor Talk, a forum for contractors, we found people searching for information on keeping building costs low and what marketing firms to work with.


While we did find some information on general questions that are being asked about business costs in the construction/contractor industry, we were unable to find the top ten or any ranking of specific questions. Because of this, we switched gears to look for common articles about construction business costs to find what questions were the most answered.