EPC Company Software Products


To list the most common digital tools often used by EPC companies, and their category, 1-2 top used software features and major issues reported by the users of each software.

Early Findings

Construction Online  

  • Major issues - Construction online has a few redundant features that do not give value for money, such as Estimating and Change Orders. These redundant features also slow down the software making it less robust compared to its competitors. 


  • CMiC digital tool is ideal for large EPC organizations that require more technologically advances platforms.
  • CMiC is a popular digital tool in North America, specifically among capital owners, architectural, engineering, and construction organizations. 
  • Top used software features: accounting integration and subcontractor management.
  • Major issues; CMiC is not user friendly and can waste a lot of time for new users trying to understand how to operate it.  


  • Adoddle is a digital tool for EPC companies that look for a platform that can monitor facility projects in architecture, engineering, and construction. Adoddle is, therefore, ideal for rail companies, consultants, universities, and major construction companies. 
  • Top used software features: collaboration tools and offline access.
  • Major issues: Adoddle freezes up a lot and is prone to crashing, especially when used by various users within a team. It is also slow and temperamental.

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