Trends in Innovation Management


To provide an understanding of the trends driving innovation management. The research aims to provide ten trends that consider how innovation processes and initiatives are progressed and will exclude trends related to idea challenges.

Early Findings

Current trends in innovation management revolve around enabling new innovation processes, organizational innovations, and enhancing innovation ability in individuals.

New Innovation Processes

Reinventing Invention

Creative Machines

  • Improvements in AI has moved machines from optimizing existing solutions to having the ability to create new designs.

Micro Open Innovation

  • Complex problems and the innovation process to solve them are being broken into micro processes and challenges, leading to a faster route to solutions.

Organizational Innovations

Removal of Funding Bias

  • New methods in decision-making are being examined to ensure that the funding process is fairer, more efficient, and supports ideas that are bolder.

Adaptive, Distributed Teams

  • Leaders in innovation are beginning to create teams that are small and autonomous, and coordinated through a shared mission, principles and culture, to tackle innovation challenges.

Innovative Public Procurement

  • The subscription model of procurement, brokering procurement, and startups in residence are three examples of tools governments are using to spark innovation.

Octalysis Gamification

  • Octalysis gamification is gaining popularity as an innovation tool. The framework sets a specific context, which is then used to analyze human motivation and its driving forces.

Enhancing Innovation Ability

Agile Innovation

  • The agile management approach is being applied to the entire process of innovation, from idea generation to process facilitation within the organization.


  • Neurological differences, such as autism and dyslexia, are beginning to be seen as a feature, not a hindrance, to innovation teams as it can provide alternative ways to think of a problem.

Neuroleadership and Management

  • In this trend psychological and neuroscientific findings are blended and applied in an interdisciplinary approach to leadership and management of the innovation process.


  • This initial hour of research was used to determine the availability of information regarding ten current trends in innovation management. Once the availability of information was determined, the focus switched to providing a definition of each trend.
  • We propose to continue the research by expanding on each trend identified. We also propose to source two to three additional trends impacting on the innovation process and how tit is progressed to fruition. The research path to do this will be explained in the sections below. The research path to be undertaken will also be outlined in the sections below.
  • Please advise if there are any alternative research paths that you would like us to pursue on your behalf.

Proprietary Research Available

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