Research Outline

Software Product Companies Serving Private Aviation Industry


To identify top 15-20 software products companies that specifically serve the private aviation industry. Software products included in the list can be those used to plan routes, schedule aircraft maintenance, monitor hours for pilots, complete regulatory paperwork, control setting in the cabin, etc.

Early Findings

  • As claimed by the company, BART System, developed by the SeaGil Software, is the most widely-used aviation management system in the world.
  • BART CoPilot is an app designed for tablets and smartphones, which can also be used on desktop and laptops.
  • This app is used by flight department personnel to see real-time scheduled information and can also be used by pilots to enter all of their actuals for historical record keeping.
  • Some of the most reviewed aviation management software products are: Flightdocs, EMQIM, Airline Suite, Flypal, Soma Software, etc.
  • The software Flightdocs is largely used by aircraft operators to ensure that their maintenance and inventory tracking meet the highest levels of safety, quality, and efficiency.
  • In 2018, Flightdocs launched a new feature, Flightdocs Operation, to address the aviation industry’s scheduling and communication needs.
  • EMQIM, developed by the Engrav Group, is an aviation management solution that helps businesses with forecasting maintenance, inventory management reports, and technical records.
  • Airline Suit is an aviation management software developed by the C.A.L.M Systems Inc. As reported by the company, this software is used by more than 600 companies including the likes of American Eagle Airlines, Nantucket Airlines, Cape Air, etc.
  • Services offered by the software include reliability reporting, maintenance and budget forecasts, inventory management, work orders and purchase orders, etc.
  • Flypal, an aviation management software developed by BytzSoft Technologies, delivers the entire continuum of the needs of any aviation organization by means of the latest technology and zero tolerance in quality.
  • Features of the software include compliance management, flight time tracking, labor hours tracking, maintenance scheduling, components tracking, etc.
  • Soma software is an aviation maintenance solution that helps businesses manage and control maintenance & engineering, logistics, flight operations, production, documents and reports.
  • The software is available in both cloud-based or server according to the needs of the customers.