Research Proposal

Community Foundation Digital Marketing


Gain an understanding of how community foundations and grant makers use digital marketing efforts, with a focus on social media and websites and any related statistics on digital marketing spend.

Early Findings

  • It's noted that all nonprofit organizations such as community foundations and grant makers could all use digital marketing strategies, for community foundations, resources are best allocated towards reinforcing trust and improving reach.
  • However, nonprofits are the most likely to fail to invest money into marketing and storytelling, as they are often so focused on service that communication plans are overlooked.
  • Nonprofit agency directors are so busy serving people that they can’t find the time or money to invest in quality marketing and storytelling initiatives.
  • It's suggested that digital marketing campaigns for community organizations include content aimed at four key goals; attracting volunteers, increasing donations, recruiting recipients of services, and educating the community about the cause.
  • In addition to website and social media strategies, email marketing is an effective way to market for non-profits, with an average of $40 generated for every $1 spent.
  • SEO is an often overlooked strategy for non-profit websites, with many charities underestimating the need to review SEO strategies to optimize websites for their location and cause.
  • Some platforms offer discounted services for nonprofits that can support digital marketing campaigns.
  • For example, Google offers an Ad Grants program which offers free advertising for non-profits.

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